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With continuing changes to healthcare payment methodologies and healthcare costs on the rise, it is critical for hospitals to make acute case care management a priority to ensure the best use of labor and resources. At MedPartners, our mission is to recruit talented individuals for your organization who are not only qualified, but committed to delivering high-quality patient care and cost-effective outcomes. An effective acute case care management team can have a positive financial impact on your hospital, resulting in the following:

Decreased length of stay and frequency of services

Specialized acute care case managers play a critical role in reducing the length of patients’ stays and the frequency of services implemented in treatments. Shortening the length of patient stays will result in reduced labor costs, as well as decreased expenses for resources and medical supplies. In addition, improved patient throughput during peak seasons, such as flu season, allows hospitals to accommodate increasing volume.

Reduced ancillary charges

Effective acute case care management has a direct impact on ancillary expenses, such as ambulance transportation, blood, drugs, imaging and pharmacy services, and medical supplies. When a proper process is in place for managing patient turnover and use of staffing resources, ancillary charges will inevitably be reduced and allocated more efficiently.

Improved patient satisfaction

One of the most important outcomes of effective acute case care management is improved patient experiences. Though hospitals have always valued the quality of patient care, the measurement of patient care has recently become of greater importance when it comes to insurance reimbursements. Rather than a “fee-for-service” model, a “pay-for-performance” model has taken precedence, meaning that reimbursements are now tied to the quality of care that is delivered.

Quality of care is generally measured by two metrics; patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. With patient satisfaction directly impacting a hospital’s bottom line, it has become a top priority when evaluating the performance of a hospital’s case care management system.

How can you improve acute case care management at your hospital?

With the financial health of your hospital increasingly dependent on reduced costs and the quality of patient care, having an effective acute care case management system is more critical than ever. With MedPartners, you’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the nation’s leading healthcare recruiting professionals to fulfill your hospital’s acute case management needs. Click here to view the types of healthcare positions we fill to improve acute care case management systems in hospitals across the country.

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