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Though artificial intelligence (AI) like robots and computers will never completely replace the work of doctors, nurses, and many other hospital staff members, there’s no doubt AI is changing the healthcare industry. From workplace productivity to patient treatments, many forms of technology have the potential to improve diagnostics, predict patient outcomes and create more personalized patient care experiences. This leaves many people wondering about how these changes will impact the healthcare industry in the long term. Here are some of the areas where AI is predicted to change the face of healthcare:

Diagnosis. As many companies develop new programs for imaging and diagnostics, patient outcomes are expected to perform. For example, according to Forbes, an IBM-backed group called Pathway Genomics is developing a simple blood test to predict whether early detection of certain types of cancers is possible. Other companies are focusing on developing in-depth analytics tools to make predictions related to symptoms, diagnoses, procedure and medications for specific types of patients and patient groups.

Treatment. Many companies are focused on treatment outcomes of all types of disease, especially cancer, to improve patient outcomes. For example, now healthcare professionals have access to tools enabling teams to create clinical practice guidelines that document the best course of treatment for different cancers. These types of tools also help providers develop the best treatment plans for each patient, as well as evaluate outcomes of past clinical decisions.

Follow-up care. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, follow-up care is also being positively impacted by artificial intelligence. There are many tools now available to help providers manage their patients’ aftercare, such as medication reminders for patients and tracking of symptoms. Because this technology provides instant feedback, providers can receive patient concerns promptly and handle them as needed.

Despite all the revolutionary changes that have already taken place, the artificial intelligence movement in healthcare is just at the beginning. As many technologies continue to develop, treatments and patient outcomes are expected to improve.

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