Is it Time for a Coding Compliance Audit?

Is your organization in need of a coding compliance audit? Look no further than the highly skilled and talented coding compliance auditing team at MedPartners.  We are firmly committed to meeting the growing need for coding compliance audit services with an audit team comprised of highly skilled, experienced, AHIMA-credentialed auditor-mentors who utilize comprehensive coding review software to offer a variety of in-depth analytical reports to clients.

MedPartners offers the opportunity to develop customized educational programs based on audit results and can also provide supplemental coding and CDI staff to empower clients to meet their financial and data quality goals. In addition, MedPartners provides educational support as well as follow-through in the form of industry-leading interim staff throughout the entire mid-revenue cycle.

Our coding compliance audit services provide the following:

  • Objectively analyzed operations (help remedying coding issues and ensuring appropriate billing procedures)
  • Educational opportunities
  • Coder performance appraisal
  • Measurement of financial impact
  • Measurement of CDI Program effectiveness
  • Case Mix Index Analysis
  • Review of Facility Coding Compliance Program

Through all of our coding compliance audit services, we strive to identify deficiencies that may impact revenue and data quality by focusing not only on incorrect coding, but also data abstraction errors and gaps in provider documentation. It’s always our priority to provide the highest-quality customer service to all our clients by tailoring our services to each client’s unique needs.

Is your organization in need of a coding compliance audit?  

Get in touch with MedPartners today and let our coding compliance audit team help your organization meet its financial and data quality goals.

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