Meet Nora Wartanian, Education Specialist at MedPartners!

Nora Wartanian

When did you start working at MedPartners?


What areas do you manage?

I’m the Education and Delivery Specialist for our HIM, ODM and Trauma divisions.

Brief summary of skills and/or specialties:

I have a B.S. in Health Information Management and I am an RHIA.

What is an interesting/fun fact we would be surprised to learn about you?

I am an EXCELLENT hula-hooper! I used to win first place prizes at my dad’s company picnics when I was a kid. I can take the hula hoop from around my neck and down to my ankles effortlessly! 🙂

What is your best work memory?

My favorite work memory so far has been the MP Glory Event we held at Fort de Soto beach almost a month after I started. I was kind of nervous because I hadn’t really had time to meet everyone at that point, but it was so much fun and such a great way to bond with more of the team.

What makes MedPartners different from any company you’ve ever worked for?

Everything! Mostly the feeling of family that we have here. Your coworkers and leaders genuinely care about your happiness, both at work and at home.

What core value (Be the Best, Understand the Urgency, Never Give Up, Have the Courage to Excel or Make A Contribution) do you relate to most, and why?

For me, I think “Make a Contribution” has been the value I can relate to most. I love the feeling of being able to help out the people on my team. Whether I’m gathering education content for an account manager or recruiter, or helping a consultant troubleshoot on Blackboard so they can access a training, being able to deliver in their time of need always feels very rewarding.


Working at MedPartners

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