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How to Find the Best Patient Registrar Talent

Have you been struggling to find patient registrars for your team? Many organizations are finding that top patient registrar talent can be hard to come by, often resulting in poor hires and low retention levels. While you can’t control the talent pool, there are steps you can take to attract the right types of candidates to your employment opportunities. As you grow your team, here are some tips for finding the best patient registrar talent:

Invest in your employer brand

The way in which you present yourself as an employer – from your culture to the benefits you offer employees – can largely determine the quality of candidates you attract. Investing in your “employer brand” through elevated marketing initiatives, better communication with candidates, and a more efficient application process can be instrumental in building a strong “employer brand.” By enhancing your organization’s reputation, you’ll naturally attract more of the right type of talent to your job openings.  

Be strategic with your recruitment process

To secure top talent, you must set yourself up for success starting with the recruitment process. First, consider how you currently find candidates. Do you use job boards, your website or social media channels? If so, how effective have these platforms been? Depending on your results, you may alter your efforts so that you’re focusing more of your attention on what’s working best. Using metrics from the past several months (number of hires, retention rates, etc.) will guide you in making meaningful changes to your recruitment process.

Use a trusted staffing partner

By partnering with a staffing firm that specializes in healthcare, you can ensure a steady stream of qualified patient registrar candidates to fill both permanent and temporary positions at your organization. A recruiting firm will work closely with you to improve your hiring outcomes by weeding out underqualified candidates and securing the best talent for your needs. Over the course of several months and years, your staffing partner can significantly enhance your talent development efforts and help you build a stronger, more productive workforce. 

Remember, finding the best patient registrars on the market will not happen overnight, and requires a sustained effort to proactively identify, screen and interview only the best fit candidates. With the strategies above, you can get your hiring into high gear and build a talent pipeline that will benefit your organization for years to come.

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