medical coder

As healthcare organizations have had to adjust to ever-changing staffing needs due to COVID-19, many medical coders across the country have had their employment status affected. With no signs of the pandemic slowing down, it’s become essential that medical coders invest in their professional growth and find ways to demonstrate their value to healthcare employers. If you’re a medical coder who’s recently been furloughed, here are three impactful steps to take for your career:

Explore professional certifications

Sometimes the silver lining of unemployment has more time to learn and grow your professional expertise. There are many specialized medical coding certifications offered through professional industry groups like the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). These certifications focus on different medical specialties, such as anesthesia and pain management; cardiology; emergency medicine; family medicine; and general surgery – among countless others. Earning a specialized coding certification can significantly enhance your qualifications and make you a more appealing candidate to facilities offering highly specialized practice areas.

Build a remote network

Now, more than ever, medical coders must build their own remote networks of professional contacts and colleagues. Taking time to connect with employers and referral sources through social media sites, such as LinkedIn or Facebook, will allow you to maintain active communication with others in your industry. This can have a direct impact on your ability to learn about job leads and gain access to jobs through your contacts, opening doors to a broader range of potential employment options.

Utilize a staffing agency

By working with a specialized staffing agency like AMN Healthcare, you can strategically get your job search on track and find opportunities that directly align with your background, skills and experience. Whether you prefer permanent employment or temporary work, a staffing firm will work closely with you on identifying the best types of jobs for your qualifications, as well as your preferences for location and type of facility. Additionally, a staffing agency can be instrumental in helping you develop and update your resume and supplemental application materials.

There’s no question that being furloughed can be a stressful experience for any medical coder. However, taking action with the tips above will give you the confidence and tools to overcome unemployment obstacles and ultimately land a new position amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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