HIM is responsible for the information technology of the healthcare vertical. CDI is focused on clinical documentation. While they have very different functions, there are some key areas of overlap.

One of the primary focuses of the healthcare industry lately has been the conversion to ICD-10, which will be implemented in October 2015. ICD-10 covers all of the coding for various documents, and is replacing ICD-9. This will require HIM professionals in every level of conversion to ensure the data is transmitted, captured, stored, and integrated securely. Moreover, updating everything will require a great deal of strategic planning, and should not be taken lightly.

Similarly, CDI professionals have a great deal of responsibility in the conversion in ensuring that the data is not only integrated into the new systems, but accurate. They must ensure that doctors, nurses, and others who input medical records do so in a compliant manner – not always as easy as it sounds.

To compound matters, ICD-10 isn’t alone in its complex difficulty of new changes. Meaningful use Stage 2 begins this year, and is no less difficult or complex than ICD-10. Meaningful use likewise requires massive changes in EHR documents, and the effective sharing of data. In this respect, it is also imperative for all involved to understand the necessity of meticulous record-keeping, timeliness, and accuracy.

Coding is not taught in medical school, and hence, it is up to CDI specialists and HIM professionals to ensure that everything is documented properly.  Because this skillset is often not understood by physicians and nurses alike, it is even more important from a billing perspective to ensure accuracy.

No matter where you are in your implementation process for either meaningful use or ICD-10 (or any number of other projects) we can help you. At MedPartners HIM, we have talented expertise across the entire Health Information Management sector, and a wide variety of solutions. We only retain elite talent, and have fast response times for any project your clinic or network is currently involved in. Contact us to today for a consultation to see how we can help you.