If you are currently employed as an HIM professional, you are working in one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. Expect new job opportunities, higher salaries, and executive-level positions to begin appearing in the very near future.

This is not just idle optimism, either. A recently released report indicates that the field of healthcare analytics will grow by an astounding 25 percent between 2014 and 2022. That figure far outpaces the predicted rate of growth of the broader job market, and is even faster than most other technical professions.

The report attributes this explosion to several drivers, all of which are worth taking note of if you want to be in the best position to take advantage of this opportunity.

  • The growing use of IT in a variety of healthcare settings
  • Government-driven healthcare mandates in countries around the globe
  • Improvements in predictive and descriptive analytics
  • Huge new investments of venture capital

All of these factors are worth discussing further, but the one that most stands out is the effect of evolving regulatory environments on healthcare analytics. The report forecasts rapid growth internationally, but nowhere else will experience the pace of change that North America will. That is largely due to the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, the shift to ICD-10, and the new meaningful use requirements that are being drafted. Those three changes are driving the new emphasis on healthcare analytics, and all of them are still in very early stages.

The report is not entirely optimistic, however. The authors note that while there will be significantly more opportunities for professionals that have expertise in healthcare analytics, growth could be hampered by demand outpacing supply. New opportunities will inevitably open up, but if the available workforce is not large enough or qualified enough, it could slow the speed of growth and the size of the overall expansion. The authors also point to concerns about privacy and security as another factor the industry has to be careful of.

Even if the field does not grow by the full 25 percent by 2022, massive growth is inevitable. Technical professionals that are considering a different career path would be very well served by considering opportunities in healthcare analytics. Find vacancies and team up with a recruiter that has industry expertise by working with the expert staffing team at MedPartners HIM.