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3 Tips for How to Be a Successful Remote HIM Employee

Are you a health information management (HIM) professional who’s considering exploring remote employment? Working as a remote HIM employee can be very rewarding personally and professionally, affording many professional an improved work-life balance. However, many remote employees struggle

to adjust to their remote position, which can, unfortunately, lead to poor performance, lack of motivation and unexpected challenges. If you’re considering a remote position, check out these three top tips for how to be a successful remote HIM employee:  


Create a productive workspace.

Your work environment can significantly dictate how productive and efficiently you perform your job. As a remote employee, you must create a workspace that allows you to complete your tasks with minimal distractions. Many HIM remote workers have at-home offices designed for optimal productivity – including ergonomic furniture and desk equipment, high-speed Internet and ample natural light. What’s most important is that you establish your office in its own designated space, away from the other activities going on in your home. Along these lines, it’s also important to set boundaries with your family members so they understand and respect that when you’re in your office, you won’t be constantly available to them.


Establish a daily work schedule – and stick to it.

One of the biggest challenges remote HIM employees face is staying focused and meeting deadlines. Just like an onsite employee, you’ll be expected to perform your job with the same degree of accuracy, timeliness, and attention. This means you must be committed to working the same number of hours each day – regardless of what may be going on in your home life. It’s best to develop a daily work schedule that mimics an onsite work environment but gives you some flexibility as needed. For example, do you typically like eating lunch at noon? Plan to take your lunch hour each day around the same time so you have a scheduled break away from your desk to decompress. Remember, working from home does not mean you should ignore your basic needs. Even in the comforts of your own home, neglecting to take breaks can result in burnout and exhaustion.


Stay connected with your colleagues. 

Even though you’ll be working off-site, staying connected with your colleagues will ultimately make you better at your job. HIM employees who collaborate on projects are better positioned to find the best solutions and overcome challenges. With the advancement of technology, remote employees now have access to many integrated tools and channels including instant messaging, video conferencing and online chatting. Taking advantage of collaborative technology will allow you to function in a teamwork capacity without feeling isolated from your peers.

Being proactive with how you manage your time and work environment is paramount to excelling as a remote HIM employee. By following the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to a successful and rewarding remote career in health information management! 


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