HIP Week

MedPartners is celebrating HIP week by advocating for the HIM profession and healthcare in general at a national level. A few of us have traveled to Washington DC to take part in AHIMA’s sponsored Monday Leadership Meetings and Tuesday’s Hill Day. This will be my 4th time participating in national Hill Day. It is fun and inspiring.

There is something about being in our nations capital that makes my heart swell. I feel pride in our country, gratitude to have been born here and inspired by the founders of this great nation and those who work to maintain and make change in the USA. In addition to all the “good vibes” and inspiration (I mean, there is a monument and history at every turn) I am inspired by the like minded professionals who attend.

The people that come to Hill Day are PASSIONATE about HIM, healthcare and making the US healthcare system better. They inspire me to do more, learn more, and give more. Being around people with passion charges up my battery. I am speculating here but maybe that is why the AHIMA founders who wrote Advocacy into our code of ethics included it. Those founders knew we would have a long road ahead of us. A never ending road, an uphill battle and an often undervalued and unappreciated role. They knew we would need to advocate not only to push our cause forward, but also to come together and build each other up, inspire each other and learn from each n.other.

This is my 17th HIP week. I’ve heard it called HIM week, HIT week, and now HIP but the acronym doesn’t really matter. The advocacy does. HIP week is about bringing recognition to the profession and educating those around us on the role we play in health information. Yesterday I sat in a leadership meeting with AHIMA Delegates, and CSA’s. They broke us up in to groups and gave us questions to work on as a group. After 30 minutes of lively discussion the one common theme every group echoed was the need for more volunteers.

If you have let the thought pass through your mind, as I have, that “my voice really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things” or “they will do what they choose to do regardless of what I say”…It is just not true. The opposite happens when we advocate…one at a time, collectively we educate and people listen. When people listen change can occur and it will occur IF we advocate. Get up, take a chance, it starts with those around you.

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