Your coding department plays a vital role in the functioning of your organization, which is why you must hire only the best talent to ensure all medical and patient data is being managed properly. There are certain qualifications and traits you should specifically pay attention to when recruiting coding candidates; this is important for maintaining a highly qualified team that is equipped for handling changing demands in coding rules and regulations.

Here are three important traits to look for in coding compliance auditors:

Attention to detail. Any type of audit coding requires a strong attention to detail so every piece of data is recorded properly. Effective coding is heavily reliant on a coder auditor’s ability to make sure claims are coded and billed the right way so your organization is paid correctly and full compensation is received. It’s important that all coding compliance auditors pay close attention to evaluating all aspects of coding performance and are fully educated on all documentation requirements, queries and documentation improvement processes.

People skills. Even though coding auditors spend a lot of time analyzing data, they also must communicate with others in providing critical feedback to coding teams. Coding auditors are regularly expected to regularly interact with managers, co-workers and clients – especially when they must explain how a coding system or procedure works. The best coding auditors know how to communicate tactfully and effectively, presenting the best solutions in a timely and professional manner.

Problem-solving skills. Coding auditors must be adept at identifying the best solutions for coding issues, no matter how big or small they may seem. Highly trained coding auditors should be able to quickly determine the best course of action for a coding challenge, while always keeping in mind the organization’s business goals.

These are just some of the necessary traits every coding compliance auditor should have in making a positive impact within a healthcare organization.

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