Though there are many choices when it comes to choosing a staffing agency, there are only a few agencies that truly excel in equipping their clients with the most talented and knowledgeable workforce. Effective staffing requires more than efficient recruitment and filling of vacancies – it is a process that involves a commitment to education and training to ensure the most qualified candidates are vetted for their specific roles.

Are you exploring a staffing partnership for your organization? Here are three reasons why MedPartners is the premier staffing partner to meet your hiring needs:

  1. High-quality education. MedPartners recognizes the need to provide high-quality education to our 600+ external consultants. We pride ourselves in providing several education options to meet the unique needs of our medical coding, clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and case management consultants. Our educational program, MedPartners University (MPU), consists of uniquely created courses developed for the specific needs and changes of the healthcare landscape. This is a full-service continuing education portal with training modules geared toward medical coders and CDI specialists. Braced with the knowledge and training to thrive in their work settings, our consultants share their expertise with other professionals whom they work with on-site at healthcare facilities across the U.S. MedPartners’ University Education and Services currently include:
  • ICD-10-CM/PCS (Coding, CDI & Trauma) Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Continuing Education
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
  • Inpatient Coding Knowledge Assessments
  • Outpatient Coding Knowledge Assessments
  • Refresher Courses (Anatomy & Physiology; Pathophysiology; Medical Terminology & Pharmacology)
  1. Training resources. It’s important our consultants have access to tools and resources that can help them obtain critical industry knowledge. MedPartners offers many Learner Resource Tools that assist professionals with completing continuing education or knowledge assessments. Some of these resources include:
  • MPU Consultant Support
  • MPU Blackboard Support
  • MPU Education Support
  • MPU Education Orientations
  • Live and Recorded Lunch-and-Learns
  • Continuing Education Units 
  1. Exceptional leadership. With over 30 years of experience in health information management consulting, specialty staffing and human capital solutions, our seasoned executive leadership team strives to provide the best services possible to clients. MedPartners’ management team believes in continuing education to help build a world-class organization, such as formal training in Rockefeller Habits methodology, which are widely recognized solutions for companies seeking to expand or in need of structure or strategic planning. Each person on our executive, divisional and corporate leadership teams is committed to helping every client meet its hiring goals.

Because of our comprehensive education and training services, our consultants are equipped with the skills and knowledge perform at their greatest capacity as they begin their assignments. When it comes to growing your workforce, you can rest assured that MedPartners will provide your organization with candidates who are fully prepared to handle the demands of your workplace.

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