Consistently Finding and Keeping Exceptional HIM Professionals Is How the Best Hospitals and Healthcare Systems Stay Ahead of the Rest

The healthcare profession, at its heart, is driven by the public needing physicians for care and treatment, but what makes healthcare run are the countless healthcare information management (HIM) professionals that support the system. Identifying and keeping the best of these HIM professionals becomes a critical endeavor of any hospital or health system that wishes to rise above the competition and deliver an excellent care experience to patients and doctors alike.

The Quality of HIM Professionals Can Make or Break a Hospital

Every hospital or health system that has struggled to find and keep HIM talent knows all too well how valuable these professionals are to daily and long-term success. The right people in the right roles can mean all the difference between the chaos of a struggling system and the financial prosperity of happy patients and physicians that are well supported.

As technology continues to transform the flow of information through a healthcare system, HIM professionals must also be individuals that always look to adapt and improve. Change is something most people resist by nature, but the best HIM professionals embrace it for the betterment of the people they serve.

How Do Hospitals Find Exceptional HIM Professionals?

This is the age-old question that all companies ask when looking to fill the roles that drive success. Healthcare systems have the added complexity of patient care layered on top of any business concerns. The right hires are critical. Lives literally hang in the balance. Rigorous interview and qualifying processes need to be in place to ensure candidates meet the standards of each position.

Staying current of the latest industry updates and changes in healthcare is also critical to ensuring that qualified people are hired. All of this takes time, energy, and resources above and beyond any other type of business. It isn’t easy, and the failures can lead to poor care and a struggling health system.

Fortunately, Internal and External Solutions Do Exist 

Fortunately, most healthcare systems have a few tools in their toolboxes that have served them well to find talented HIM professionals. Their internal network of professionals often serves as a catalyst for new hires. Sometimes it truly is who you know that leads to the next good hire.

Many healthcare systems turn to trusted partner companies to fill needed positions within the Mid-Revenue Cycle. Medical Coding, Auditing, Interim Leadership, Oncology Data Management, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), and Cancer Registry are just a few of the HIM professional roles that partnerships can help fill.

Focus by Trusted Partners is the Key to Their Consistency

Hiring from a known network of professionals undoubtedly works well for many healthcare providers. There are plenty of examples of solid hires across all facets of healthcare. The key is consistency because finding and hiring good HIM professionals is a constant need.

Hiring quality people needs to be a repeatable process. Where it can get difficult is during periods of sudden growth or filling unexpected departures. These periods of flux is where third parties, that only focus on specific areas, can truly shine.

Because of their laser focus, relying on HIM professionals from these partners often become a critical component of a healthcare system’s infrastructure. Partners can provide the consistency that healthcare providers need without the heavy lifting to reach it. These partners also fill the gaps in expertise, tools, and resources required to stay on top of an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Turn to the Experts for Consistent, Quality HIM Professionals

Just like most homeowners would never dream of replacing their roof or adding a room by themselves, hospitals and health systems are turning to expert partners that can provide them with the highest level of HIM professionals available to fit just about any need.

MedPartners is the Mid-Revenue Cycle partner of choice for many of the most respected names in healthcare. Our track record of success in placing professionals for Medical Coding, HIM, Oncology Data Management and Cancer Registry has been recognized by ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards for providing superior service to their clients and placed talent.

We invite you to learn more about how HIM professionals from MedPartners can help lead you to Mid-Revenue Cycle success. Contact us today for a FREE staffing assessment.

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