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How to Further Your Career as a Medical Coder

Are you currently feeling stunted in your career growth? If your goal is to advance in the medical coding career, it’s important to be strategic with how you approach your professional development in the industry. By exploring ways to continue learning, elevate your expertise and expand your network, you can spark your own career transformation. Here are some tips for how to enhance your skillset and improve your marketability as a top medical coder:

Expand your network

Once you’re settled in a medical coding job, it’s easy to become complacent with your professional status and salary. However, making a point to continuously attend industry events and expand your network is critical for making important connections and learning about future job prospects. Networking is also integral to finding mentors in the coding field who can provide you with valuable guidance and insight as you progress and seek new employment opportunities.

Earn specialty credentials

Making a commitment to earning specialty credentials will make you more competitive in the medical coding industry, improving your knowledge base and skillset. There are a variety of credentialing options that can make you qualified for more specialized jobs, such as a CPPM (certified practice manager) or CPCO (“certified professional compliance officer”). Once you’ve met all the necessary education and experience requirements, you’ll gain eligibility to take exams for the certifications that interest you.

Explore advanced opportunities

One of the great benefits of a medical coding career is that it can lead you to other types of higher-level healthcare jobs, many of which offer more competitive salaries. Once you’ve acquired all the foundational medical coding skills and gained several years of experience in the field, you may consider branching into the role of a hospital coding manager, health information manager or clinical manager. Typically, these types of jobs come with higher salaries and can provide further professional exposure in the healthcare arena.

Growing your medical coding career may seem tedious at times; however, with the right planning and drive, you can successfully get on track for bigger and better opportunities ahead!

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