How to Stand Out from the Crowd as a Medical Coder

Medical coding job search may require you to stand out

Take control of your medical coding job search

As the pandemic has made it necessary for many healthcare facilities to cut down on the hiring medical coders, the competition for coding positions has significantly increased – resulting in a greater need for candidates to more effectively market their skills and credentials to employers. Vying for jobs against candidates with similar qualifications as yourself can certainly be a challenge, especially in an unpredictable job market in which things are changing almost week to week. Taking control of your job search will be critical in allowing you to position yourself for medical coding jobs, even in the midst of a pandemic effectively. Here are some tips to get started:

Be open-minded to other relevant opportunities. While you may be laser-focused on landing a medical coding job right away, there are other similar positions that may help you get acclimated with a new employer and ultimately help you secure a desired medical coding position. Other types of related jobs may include jobs in medical records, or receptionist or administrative roles. These positions will help you get familiar with a medical office setting and learn from coding professionals at the facility who can potentially serve as mentors to you.

Showcase all experience. Even if you’re new to the field, you likely have some valuable experience to share with employers about your background. It’s important not to discount what you’ve learned in internships, as this type of work will give you credibility and demonstrate that you’ve sought real-life experience before seeking a full-time position. Volunteering and shadowing opportunities are also helpful in highlighting your commitment to professional growth. Be sure to include this type of experience on your resume and discuss what you learned during your interviews.

Be prepared to demonstrate your expertise. Just because you may be new to the field doesn’t mean you can’t show you have the expertise to thrive. Brushing up on medical terminology and coding terms will be key to showing employers that you’ve fully retained what you learned from your education and are ready to apply your knowledge in the workplace. As the coding industry continues to change, many employers are actively seeking candidates who are serious about performing their jobs with the highest level of precision and foresight – especially when it comes to understanding the latest trends and developments in coding.

As you embark on your medical coding job search, taking steps to differentiate yourself from the talent pool will prove to be instrumental in securing a position that aligns with your individual skills, specializations and goals. Getting started with this process early is key to your long-term success in the industry!

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