When it’s time to build a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program, don’t overlook the key roles top health information management (HIM) professionals can play in that implementation. Clinical documentation is at the heart of every patient interaction. If it’s going to count, it must be accurate and relevant. That’s why it’s so important to have top HIM professionals in major roles.

CDI implementation carries with it several inherent challenges, including the training, cost and education required. Many times, essential personnel involved – CDI specialists, coders and sometimes physicians – find themselves at odds with one another, despite sharing the common goal of improved patient documentation. That’s where top HIM professionals can have a dynamic impact on the success of your program.


HIM professionals are vital to the standardization of CDI. When it comes to patient care, coding, research, electronic health record implementation and overall healthcare planning, HIM professionals can take the lead. They can also provide education to clinicians, physicians and other administrators. When all of the parties involved have awareness and understanding of the roles they each play in the documentation process, overall program effectiveness increases. When things run smoothly, those most affected by your successes – the patients – notice nothing except precise, professional interactions.

By getting involved in CDI, HIM professionals are able to work with clinical staff, educating them on the necessity for clean and concise documentation.

HIM Skill Set & CDI Requirements

When it comes to pairing HIM skills and CDI requirements, it’s a winning match. Top HIM professionals will possess the following in-demand CDI skills:

  • Strong understanding of coding rules, guidelines and application
  • Solid clinical background and an understanding of clinical processes
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Outstanding organization skills
  • Top critical thinking skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Substantial experience reviewing medical records

How MedPartners Can Help

We work at the crossroads where healthcare and technology meet. We know the industry, its requirements and its ever changing demands. We collaborate with the best so we can deliver the best to you.

We understand your need for top quality professionals. It’s not enough to hire someone who looks good on paper; you need the right person for the role. We have a proven track record of providing talented, credentialed clinical documentation specialists to hospital environments on an interim basis. We thoroughly vet all potential candidates to ensure you are getting the experts you need, to hit the ground running.

Change is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable hurdle either. If you’re in the process of implementing clinical documentation improvement or just beginning to consider it, let the team at MedPartners help. By partnering with CDI experts, you get more than just guidance, talent, and reliability – you get passion. Contact us today!


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