Want to Improve Clinical Documentation? Hire the Right CDI Talent!

Improve Clinical Documentation

The clinical documentation improvement (CDI) talent you bring on your team can dramatically impact your organization – for better or worse. Building a strong CDI team starts with proper recruitment and careful selection of candidates in the earliest stages of the hiring process. With so many demands put upon hiring teams, it can be difficult to ensure the most qualified CDI talent is brought on board the first time around.

A staffing partner can be of tremendous value in finding top-notch CDI professionals who will be an asset to your organization. Here are just a few of the reasons to use a staffing partner to secure the best CDI talent on the market:

External recruitment. Though internal recruitment has its place in the hiring process, using a staffing partner to recruit external candidates can bring fresh, new perspectives into your organization. Staffing firms have many recruitment methods in which they can develop diverse pools of candidates through online networks, events and professional partnerships. Seeking the assistance of a staffing partner will help you diversify your talent and enhance the quality of your workforce so you can continually meet the growing demands of your organization.

Finding the best fit. With such a large pool of CDI candidates, it’s critical not only to identify qualified individuals, but also candidates who will fit well within your organizational culture. A trusted staffing firm would work directly with you on your “ideal candidate profile” to find applicants who are a true match for your organization. Typically staffing firms have their own in-depth process to evaluate candidates and assess how their set of skills and qualifications will align with your hiring needs.

Candidate screening. While it’s common for healthcare facilities to have their own screening procedures in place, staffing firms typically go as far to “test” candidates’ aptitude, intelligence, reasoning or personalities. This allows them to evaluate candidates in terms of their ability to work well with others, manage their time and make decisions, among other important criteria. Having your staffing partner conduct candidate testing will not only result in better hiring decisions, but also reduce time and money spent by your internal team on the screening process.

For these reasons, using a specialized staffing partner can reap many benefits for finding the right CDI professionals for your team in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

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