Improving ICD-10 Education



ICD-10 is the new “name of the game” for U.S. medical coders.  The question is: How strong is your game?

For example:

  • Do you know the difference between “agoraphobia, unspecified” and “agoraphobia with panic disorder”?
  • Are you well versed in ICD-10-PCS root operations like occlusions and restrictions?
  • Which ICD-10-CM code is appropriate for a preterm newborn, gestational age 30 weeks, 1 day?

If your head is spinning a bit, take a deep breath. It’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed when faced with making the transition to ICD-10; the new diagnoses, procedures and terminology can stump even the most advanced coders.

Learning the nuances and correct applications of ICD-10 coding is a huge challenge – but one well worth the investment. Employers that have already implemented the transition need coders who “speak” ICD-10 fluently and they’re willing to pay top dollar to land them.

So don’t let fear stop you. Resolve to improve your ICD-10 education and stay at the top of your field!

Up your ICD-10 game with MedPartners.

MedPartners understands how important it is for our external consultants to stay at the leading edge of medical coding. That’s why we created MedPartners University (MPU). Using a virtual, full-service continuing-education portal, MPU offers ICD-10 training through a Learning Management System called Blackboard Learn. Training modules are led by seasoned educators in coding and are customized to address the specific needs and changes in our healthcare landscape.

We recently announced the graduation of our second group of students, who completed our proprietary ICD-10 coding course in just eight weeks. Upon graduation, the highest-performing graduates moved into an ICD-10 Apprenticeship as MedPartners employees. Partnering with a Level 1 – Trauma teaching facility, they enhanced their experience and learning by coding for an additional 4 to 6 weeks in a practice setting with real ICD-10 charts.

Ready to learn ICD-10?

MedPartners is committed to helping meet the educational needs of our medical coders, so they can succeed in their field and excel in their careers. Contact our MedPartners Education Department today to learn more about MPU’s ICD-10 virtual training for medical coders.

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