Are You Losing Great Healthcare Information Talent to Other Offers?

Keeping HIM Talent

With demand for qualified HIM candidates on the rise, many healthcare organizations are struggling to win over top candidates. According to AHIMA, the Health IT Revolution is changing the health information industry quickly. If you’re constantly losing talent to your competitors, it’s time to switch gears and invest in a new recruiting strategy. Working with a specialized tech staffing agency is the first step to transforming your hiring outcomes and generating an active stream of talented applicants. From the initial search to the final onboarding paperwork, here’s how a staffing partner can help you seal the deal with top-notch health IT candidates:

Efficient and timely hiring. Job seekers, especially highly qualified ones, are often anxious to land a job and can get easily frustrated with a protracted hiring process. Recruiters are skilled at moving the interview process along quickly – before a candidate loses interest or accepts another job offer. Without being too hasty or shortsighted, an experienced staffing agency knows how to make the right hiring decisions within a reasonable timeframe.

Candidate management. Just like you manage your employees, candidates also require a certain level of management. Staffing agencies specialize in effective candidate management, as they know how to closely evaluate each candidate’s credentials, as well as their potential to excel within a work environment. Simply put, candidate management is relationship management. In addition to knowing how to assess candidates during interviews, recruiters have access to high quantities of data they use to determine which types of candidates make for the best hires. This data is typically based on a large spectrum of criteria, including age, demographic, education and work history, among other factors.

Job offers and negotiations. Because staffing agencies are specialized in their clients’ respective industries, they know what constitutes fair yet competitive salaries. When you use a staffing partner to handle the job offer and negotiation process, you can rest assured they’ll know how to present the candidate with a fair salary range that leaves room for the expected amount of negotiation. Serving as an unbiased third party, your staffing agency can facilitate this process on behalf of your organization, eliminating the need for your HR team to get involved with tough negotiations that could turn great candidates away.

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