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How to Minimize the Stress of a Compliance Audit

There’s no question that compliance audits of your healthcare facility can present a certain degree of stress for your staff, no matter how prepared you may be. With a growing emphasis on regulatory compliance and risk management, healthcare facilities of all types must pay increasing attention to their internal organizational procedures. As you get your facility ready for an audit, here are some ways to minimize stress among your team throughout the year:


Increase security

One of the most critical steps you can take to ensure optimal compliance outcomes is to invest in the best security. Storing files on unsecured networks can often lead to security breaches, putting all your data and files at risk. In addition to using a reliable data management system, there are other ways to improve security, including eliminating shared accounts among your employees; implementing emergency IT response protocols; and educating your team about compliance regulations.


Make documentation easy to track and navigate

If you’re storing files and documentation in file cabinets, emails, and computer desktops, it will be very difficult for auditors to find the data and information needed for their assessment. You can ease this process for both your organization and the auditing team by implementing a data management system that tracks all documentation in one central system, including any and all changes to files made by your team. This ensures that no piece of data falls through the cracks, as it will also give you the ability to discover discrepancies quickly so they can be properly remediated. 


Regularly update your system to comply with new regulations

With ever-changing government regulations in healthcare, it’s important that adjustments to your internal procedures are made effectively and efficiently. Regulation changes may involve anything from improving patient privacy and quality of patient care to preventing fraud or protecting your healthcare staff. By meeting new compliance requirements in a timely manner, you’ll train your team to quickly adapt to new regulation protocols so your facility remains penalty-free when it comes time to be audited. 


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