Healthcare Facility Turnover

Turnover happens at every company; however, the frequency of turnover varies by organization. If your facility has been experiencing turnover at a skyrocketing level, it’s time to realize it’s probably not your employees with the problem – it’s you. Your hiring team likely spends a great deal of effort recruiting top candidates. Why not invest just as much time in engaging and retaining the workers you spent so much time bringing on board? As professionals in today’s job market have an increasing amount of employment options, it’s essential that organizations invest in retention.

Consider incorporating these three practices in your retention strategy as you aim to reduce employee turnover at your facility:  

Revisit your hiring process.

If you’re hiring the wrong type of employees to begin with, you’re already setting your organization up for major turnover. It’s best to revisit your hiring protocols and the process you use to determine “best fit” candidates. For example, are you evaluating candidates for their soft skills, as well as their hard skills? Are you making sure candidates’ career goals match the trajectory of the job? Bringing employees on board who fully align with your mission and culture will reduce the likelihood of them becoming dissatisfied with their experience at your organization.   

Regularly check in with your employees.

Dismissing your employees’ concerns and hoping their grievances just go away on their own will only result in a disgruntled workforce. Before employees become unhappy to the point of no return, you must proactively learn about how satisfied they are in their jobs. Asking your employees to be specific with what they like and don’t like will help your management team understand what can be improved. You’re never going to please everyone, but you may come across some common points of concern among your staff. Gathering this information and taking meaningful action will show your employees that you value their opinions and want to make things right.  

Implement regular training and development.

Neglecting to continuously train and engage your employees in the learning process is sure to create a stagnant, uninspired workforce. In addition to initial onboarding procedures, implementing regular training and development programming should be a major part of any retention strategy. By investing in their professional growth, you’ll demonstrate to your employees that you’re committed to their success and want them to reach their highest potential. When employees are given a platform to excel at your organization, they’ll feel more motivated to continue advancing themselves under your leadership.

The bottom line? There will always be some people seeking greener pastures. However, taking the steps above can help you engage and retain your existing talent before they even consider leaving.

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