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ODM Education Availability

The Commission on Cancer’s decision to no longer “require” a cancer registrar’s attendance of a Regional or National meeting for a facility to achieve recognition during the accreditation survey sent ripples through the oncology data management community.  Many Certified Tumor Registrars (CTRs) felt as though they were being penalized and cut off from educational opportunities. For many CTRs, education is an expense that is a real budget buster; an employer funded attendance was the only way they could attend a regional or national meeting in person for education.

AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions (RCS) recognizes that in order to meet the demands of a CTR career, ongoing education is necessary. We want to encourage all AMN CTRs in our service to take part in the many free educational opportunities that we have to offer.  To that end, in 2020, we are branching out to better meet your needs. We will have a nationally renowned guest presenter for three AJCC Staging events. We have purchased the full NAACCR series to ensure that you have education on all of the hot topics as sanctioned and presented by several of the key standard setters. AMN Healthcare RCS is sponsoring original topics and training in formats that may be accessed at your convenience. If education is what you are really looking for, we have it available at your convenience.  All free of charge to AMN consultants.

In 2019, AMN Healthcare RCS provided 51 CEs free of charge for all of our CTRs. In 2020, our goal is to provide 55-60 CEs free of charge. 

We know this is not the same as networking with your peers in person, at a fun location away from the job.  Just think about it, now you can save your time off and any rainy-day funds for time for yourself, friends or family, no need to worry about education. We have you covered!