Prepare Your Team for the Addition of New Healthcare Consultants


If you have new healthcare consultants coming to work with your team, you need to take measures to prepare them in advance. You obviously invited the consultant in for an important reason, but if they can’t work collaboratively and productively with your core staff, you can’t achieve the results you’d hoped for. Use these strategies to get everyone on the same page:

Clearly Define Roles

Your team already has clearly defined roles. That means introducing a new consultant will either lead to contentious overlaps, or new sources of input that your team is not used to. Make sure that everyone, consultants included, understands exactly what their responsibilities are, who they report to, and what they are expected to accomplish. Establishing these details earlier can help you to bypass a lot of unnecessary friction moving forward.

Address Fears

It’s only natural that your team will feel a little anxious when they hear you’re bringing in consultants. They can’t help but conclude that their performance is lacking, and worry that firings may be coming down the road. Take the time to acknowledge and address those fears, and be honest with your team about your motives. If they understand how the consultant can benefit them, they will be much more willing to work collaboratively and productively.

Involve Everyone in Onboarding

Like any other new team member, you will need to put your consultant through some kind of onboarding process. Get everyone on your team involved. This serves a dual purpose. First, it introduces each one of your team members to the consultant and helps to begin building interpersonal connections. Second, it ensures that the consultant has all the information/training they need to start making a meaningful contribution faster.

Solicit Feedback

Once the consultant starts working, take the time to regularly sit down with each one of your team members and get their feedback. How is the consultant doing? What is working and not working? What kind of impact is the consultant having on the team’s progress? You can use this feedback to smooth out small problems and conflicts before they grow, and your team will appreciate that you value their opinions. Make sure you get feedback from the consultant, too.  They are also now an important member of the overall team and deserve the same respect and attention.

Bringing in a new healthcare consultant represents an interesting alternative to hiring full-time, part-time, or contract employees. If your team is doing well but could be doing better, this may be the strategy that pushes them to the next level. Explore the option in further depth by contacting MedPartners.

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