Preparing for Your Medical Coding Interview

Ace Your Medical Coding Interview

Medical coding interview preparation is key

Are you applying to countless medical coding jobs, but finding it difficult to ace your interviews? Believe it or not, even the most qualified coding candidates sometimes struggle with their interview performance. However, in today’s hyper-competitive job market, being proactive in your interview preparation can make or break your ability to gain employment and impress employers. As you brush up on your interviewing skills, here are three common medical coding interview questions to consider:

What abilities and skills do you think are most important on the job? Rather than asking directly about your set of qualifications, many employers will want to assess your own knowledge and foresight about what’s need to succeed on the job. Understanding the most important elements of coding will be crucial in addressing this question. Remember, some of the most vital skills required to succeed in medical coding include attention to detail, strong communication, accuracy and solid computer skills. As you discuss these skills with an interviewer, be sure to describe how you would apply them to the job.

What coding certifications do you have? While not always required for a job, many employers are increasingly interested in candidates with specialized certifications that will allow them to better meet the needs of their practice. Discussing your certifications will show you have a focus area in one or more specific types of medical coding, which can potentially make you a greater asset to the facility. With regard to certifications, employers will typically inquire about your breadth of knowledge in your chosen specialty and your certification’s relevance to the responsibilities of the job.

What makes you different from other candidates? Having a strong grasp on what makes you a unique candidate is essential in selling your abilities and skills to employers. Taking time to think about your individual set of qualifications – and how you will apply them on the job – will help to set you apart from mainstream talent. As you consider this question, think about initiatives you’ve taken to advance yourself personally and professionally. For instance, do you have experience training interns or entry-level workers? Have you worked in a multitude of medical settings? The more specific you are in identifying these points of differentiation, the more memorable you will be as a candidate.

Preparing for the interview questions above will empower you with the foundational confidence to effectively sell your qualifications to employers. The more you reflect on your professional strengths as a candidate, the more comfortable you’ll be in all interview situations.

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