A recent industry forecast suggested that the field of healthcare analytics would grow by an astronomical 25 percent by 2022. That is both cause for excitement, and cause for alarm. New opportunities will inevitably appear, but in order to build a workforce that is qualified and dynamic enough to seize them, companies will need to take recruiting much more seriously. Make sure that the very best available HIM professionals work for you by implementing these strategies.

Offer More Perks

Salary and benefits form the core of a compensation package, but you can sweeten an offer by granting enticing and unusual perks like flexible work schedules, opportunities for travel, stock options, and extra vacation time. Today’s professionals are looking for more of a work-life balance than was common in the past, so look for ways that make it easier for top HIM talent to meet their personal and professional goals simultaneously.

Promote from Within

One proven way to recruit top talent in HIM and most other fields is to show candidates that they have a realistic opportunity to move up the ladder if they choose to commit to your company. Always going with outside hires often damages morale and contributes to a negative reputation that will stick to your company. Promoting your top employees to higher roles helps foster a sense of accomplishment and loyalty among workers.

Improve Your Culture

No two companies are identical. If you can create an office culture that appeals to HIM professionals, particularly millennials, you can attract talented professionals – even if you can’t offer the most generous compensation package. People want to work for a company that reflects their values and subscribes to a mission that they can believe in, so try to give recruits a sense of what you stand for by writing about it on your website and emphasizing it during job interviews.

Start Early

In the rapidly evolving field of HIM, some of the most talented professionals are the ones that are just out of college. They are typically familiar with the latest technologies and have studied a curriculum that is specifically focused on HIM. Reaching out to them while they are still in school by offering internship opportunities and job shadowing programs can help bring them into your fold before they’ve been recruited by someone else.

Use a Recruiter

There is no better way to grow your workforce in a strategic way than to rely on a recruiter. They already have relationships with a large pool of HIM professionals, and they can find you candidates that have the exact skills and experiences you are looking for. This not only produces better hires, it saves you significant amounts of time, money, and frustration during the recruitment process. Work with a team of recruiters that focus exclusively on health information management by contacting MedPartners HIM.

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