Referral Bonus

Here at MedPartners we believe it pays to have friends. From now until June 30, 2017 you can qualify for a $1,000* bonus by referring talented candidates or clients in need of our services.

Any individual** that directly refers a candidate and/or client, and plays a key role in MedPartners hiring or contracting will be eligible. MedPartners will pay $500 for the first 500 hours worked, then an additional $500 for the next 500 hours. (1,000 hours is the maximum payout, per one opening.)

Who We’re Looking For:
  • CDI Specialists / Managers / Leads
  • Acute Care Case Managers
  • Certified Tumor Registrars (CTRs)
  • Trauma Registrars
  • Client Facilities***
Payment Guidelines
* We will pay a max of $1,000, no matter how many seats. As soon as the total hours equal 500, you will get paid. For example, 5 seats hit 100 hours, we can pay.
** If the individual who made the referral is not a current employee, they must fill out paperwork in order to receive payment.
*** Must be a client we don’t work with.