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Despite the fact coding professionals are required to possess a high degree of technical proficiency, these types of workers still need to have strong soft skills in order to succeed in the workplace. Soft skills range from communication abilities and patience to assertiveness and emotional intelligence. These traits, among many others, define a high level of professionalism and competence in a coding employee.  Here are three important soft skills of a successful coding professional:

Detail oriented. All coders must be highly detail oriented to effectively record and code all patient information. It is imperative that patients’ health records are managed carefully, which requires attention to accuracy. Being detail oriented helps ensure critical patient information is being managed properly so your organization maintains high standards and works toward the best patient outcomes available.

Discretion. Working in a healthcare environment presents many unexpected challenges, especially for coders. When dealing with sensitive medical information, all coders must demonstrate discretion in making sure confidential patient information is not leaked or shared with unauthorized individuals within your organization. Having coders on your team who respect patient privacy and follow all proper protocols and procedures will ensure that all medical information is secure.

Assertiveness. Coders interact with a variety of people daily – including physicians, office staff, finance personnel and fellow coders. When communicating in stressful circumstances, coders must be assertive in expressing their professional opinions and insights to others. Assertive coders are skilled at using their technical knowledge and expertise to diffuse stressful situations, while also maintaining a level of respect among their teammates.

Do not neglect soft skills when hiring coders! Set your organization up for success by hiring coding professionals who are equipped with the soft skills needed to create positive work experiences with teammates and patients.

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