The field of HIM is growing so quickly and in so many unexpected directions that it’s tempting to believe anyone with a relevant skill set can get a job. This is always a mistake, however. This field is as competitive as any other, and with salaries and responsibilities both on the rise, employers are trying hard to identify the best available talent. If you want to put yourself into that category, follow these strategies:

Establish Your Thought Leadership

As we implied earlier, HIM is changing fast. It seems at times like every feature of it is in a state of flux. That makes this a great time to establish yourself as a though leader. In these often uncertain and confusing times, people are looking for answers and direction.

Think about the issues that are most relevant to the present, and then start writing about them. Post your thoughts, recommendations, and insights to your social media profiles, to your personal blog, or with professional organizations. When you go for a job interview, you can point your potential employer to all the content you’ve created – if they haven’t heard of you already.

Prioritize Professional Development

The skills gap is a persistent problem in HIM. And with the the scope and complexity of the technologies in play expanding so rapidly, employers are very concerned that their existing workforce will be less effective with every year that passes.

The top talent displays a demonstrated initiative to grow and evolve their skill set by pursuing professional development opportunities. They pick up new technical skills, but also develop the soft and interpersonal skills that make them better team members and management candidates.

Highlight Your Problem-Solving Skills

With all stakeholders scrambling to meet the standards of meaningful use and overcome the system-wide challenges of interoperability, there are a lot of problems that still don’t have solutions. And until some big hurdles are overcome, HIM will never live up to it’s full potential.

Some of the most in-demand HIM professionals right now are those that have a proven ability to solve problems. Rather than giving up and making excuses, they find innovative ways to accomplish elusive objectives. These professionals are prized at any institution they work for and are well compensated in reward.

Learn the Institution

Every institution, from hospitals, to clinics, to insurance providers, has their own HIM agenda. And while certain concerns are consistent industry-wide, many others are unique to each stakeholder.

Job seekers can stand out by studying their potential employer and learning what they want and need from HIM. That puts them in a strategic position to supply the solution, and gives them an immediately leg up over other applicants.


Remember that standing out as a top HIM candidate is more than just a posture. If you can’t back up big claims with big contributions, your standing will quickly fall. Get the help you need to build yourself into a HIM professional that companies can’t wait to hire by working with the team at MedPartners HIM.

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