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Improve Your Trauma Center by Working with AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions

Have you been scrambling to ensure proper staffing levels for your trauma center? If you feel as though you’re always playing “catch up” with your hiring, it may be time to consider how a staffing agency like AMN Healthcare RCS can help! Combining expertise, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, we’re committed to delivering only the best workforce solutions to our clients. Not convinced? Here’s how we can improve your staffing levels: 


Lower Costs

Staffing a comprehensive trauma center can often be a costly challenge, especially as turnover rates increase among healthcare facilities across the country. With AMN Healthcare RCS on your side, you can significantly reduce money spent on the hiring process, including posting jobs; screening and vetting candidates; interviewing, and conducting background checks. The management and oversight provided by our team will relieve your hiring managers of these burdensome tasks, allowing them to focus on other more critical responsibilities, such as training and onboarding. Furthermore, we will relieve your facility of costs associated with the payroll process and benefits administration of temporary employees. If you frequently hire temp workers, this can be a huge plus!


A Wider Network of Talent

When it comes to your trauma center, you want only top-of-the-line physicians caring for your patients. That’s where the AMN Healthcare RCS team can make all the difference. By using our expansive networks, we tap into a vast talent pool to recruit candidates who are a fit for your facility in every aspect – including education, experience, and salary expectations. Most importantly, we find reliable and qualified candidates quickly, helping you fill vacancies in a matter of days.


Improved Retention

By entrusting us with your staffing needs, we’ll work hand-in-hand with your internal hiring team to ensure all employees hired by us are true fits for your trauma center, as well as your organizational culture. We often find highly qualified temps who have the potential to take on permanent jobs at your facility, depending on your staffing needs. Having access to our talent pipeline will improve the quality of your new hires and ultimately allow you to grow a team of medical professionals who are committed to your organization’s success. 

Investing in a staffing partnership can reap numerous benefits for your trauma center – and your organization at large. By experiencing the difference, you’ll discover that a staffing firm was just the solution you were looking for! 


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