MedPartners made a promise to its consultants and to the health information management marketplace in 2009 regarding ICD-10. The promise we made was that WE WILL BE READY. Although, back then I was terrified and not exactly sure how we were going to do it. To tackle what has probably been the most significant professional challenge of my 17 year career in healthcare, I looked to our company core values to help guide my decision; “Be the Best, “Understand the Urgency”, “Make a Contribution”, “Have the Courage to Excel” and “Never Give Up”. We have kept that promise and to those of you who have worked so diligently to prepare yourselves and the clients you are servicing in keeping that promise, I want to thank you.
As most of you know, Bill 4302 was passed last night and it is expected to be signed into law by President Barack Obama, effectively delaying ICD-10 another year. Again, in the face of this delay, I look to our core values to help guide decisions for MedPartners and “Never Give Up” leaps out at me. We must stay the course. We must continue to train. We must continue to help our clients prepare for this massive shift. We’ve been “given” another year but there is no time for procrastination. There is no room for apathy.
The shift to ICD-10 affects every MedPartners employee, regardless of title or division: Students, coders, CDI, trauma registrars, case managers, account managers, recruiters, operations support, education, vice presidents and founders. We have an opportunity to unite. With a work force of more than 500 strong we are now and will continue to make a contribution to the clients we serve.
Thank you,
Marci Wilhelm
Co- CEO and Chief Compliance Officer