Case Managers on the Frontlines

From a multitude of day-to-day responsibilities to the ever-evolving challenges brought on by a pandemic, case managers are constantly faced with difficulties behind the scenes. Anyone entering the case management field should be aware of the types of burdens they may endure when juggling many aspects of the job. As a case manager, here are some of the most common struggles you may experience:

Communication barriers.

Because case managers are expected to serve as a trusted liaison between providers and patients and their families, communication barriers can often be problematic. With restrictions caused by COVID-19, among other factors, case managers often cannot communicate with families in person and must make meaningful exchanges through phone and email. Despite these barriers, a commitment to maintaining strong relationships with all parties will always be an integral component to success in a case management position.

Varying responsibilities.

In many fast-paced healthcare environments, case managers are pulled in several different directions, often feeling overwhelmed by too many phone calls, physician meetings and patient appointments. To excel as a case manager, learning how to prioritize tasks is essential for keeping up with caseloads and performing at an optimal level effectively. This means understanding what is considered urgent and creating a schedule that allows for the most productivity on the job.

Overwork and burnout.

In the case management field in particular, burnout from high-stress levels tends to be especially prevalent. Whether it’s from a poor workplace culture or negative relationships on the job, preventing burnout is crucial for thriving as a case manager at any facility. Though it’s almost impossible to completely eliminate stress in the workplace, case managers who actively seek help and support from their supervisors will find it easier to adapt to change and overcome hardships at work.

Taking control of your time – and understanding the expectations of the job – will play a major role in how well you navigate life as a case manager.  By preparing for the challenges that lie ahead, you can set yourself up for a successful and rewarding case management career for the long haul!

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