CDI Travel Tips

Tips for Traveling CDI Specialists

Thinking of taking on a long-distance CDI position? A travel opportunity can be instrumental in helping you advance your career and expand your horizons. If you’re embarking on a new journey as a traveling CDI specialist, you’re probably experiencing a variety of emotions, ranging from excitement to nervousness. However, with any healthcare travel job, you must prepare for the unexpected and make sure you’re ready for all aspects of the job – from your living conditions and travel arrangements to adapting to your new facility. 

As you get ready for your next assignment, here are some key travel tips that will help you position yourself for success:

Do your research ahead of time

Before you get to your new destination, spend some time researching the new town or city where you’ll be working. Learning where the nearby banks, gyms, grocery stores, and shopping centers are to where you’ll be living can help you get acclimated and feel comfortable about your new surroundings before you arrive. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the public transportation options so you can plan accordingly. For example, is taking a bus or subway an option for getting to your assignment, or will you need your own vehicle? Getting answers to these questions will reduce your stress so you can feel prepared and enjoy yourself upon your arrival.

Understand the facility’s requirements

Many healthcare facilities are increasingly hiring interim CDI specialists to fill temporary positions when vacancies occur, or when seasonal demands arise. Because of the fast-paced nature of the hiring process, facilities expect most temporary CDI specialists to get up to speed quickly in their roles, requiring little supervision and training. As you begin a new traveling role, it’s important to understand the type of environment in which you’ll be working and are comfortable fulfilling the position. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure your qualifications and experience align with the facility’s requirements so you can efficiently perform all the duties assigned to the job.

Use health wellness apps

Unlike how it was several years ago, traveling medical professionals of today have access to hundreds of health and wellness apps that can help them stay fit while on the road. Using one or two apps will help you manage your nutrition and fitness goals as you navigate your new work schedule. Some of these apps include My Fitness Pal; MyNetDiary; MapMyFitness; Studio Tone It Up; and Nike Training Club. Using a couple of apps that align with your goals will help you live a healthy lifestyle and allow you to feel your best mentally and physically.

Using the strategies above will help you have a smoother transition into your new assignment without compromising your health and happiness. The more you become accustomed to traveling on assignment, the easier the process will become over time.

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