Promoting Wellness in the Workplace

Healthcare organizations are often so laser focused on the needs of their patients that they may not always recognize the importance of promoting wellness for their employees. Health information management professionals must be extremely detail-oriented on the job to ensure the most accurate patient data is captured. Fostering a workplace focused on wellness will help your employees feel their best, which will in turn produce the best outcomes.

Here are just some of the reasons why promoting workplace wellness is so important for your employees – and your bottom line:

Improved productivity. When employees feel good, they work better – it’s as simple as that. Providing an opportunity to engage in daily exercise and access to healthy food will help your health information management professionals feel more energized and alert on the job, making it easier for them to focus and retain critical information. Additionally, healthy employees are less likely to take sick days which has a direct impact on workplace productivity.

Reduced burnout. Health information management employees who are tired, sick and sluggish are more likely to burn out and quit their jobs. Promoting a culture of work-life balance will allow your employees to achieve improved health and wellness, while remaining engaged and high performing in the workplace. You can take steps to reduce employee burnout by encouraging employees to take regular breaks throughout the workday, meditate or even take a mental health day if needed. By valuing your employees’ health, you’ll ultimately improve their job satisfaction and help them avoid feelings of burnout and exhaustion.

Stronger company culture. One of the easiest ways to build a stronger company culture is by making wellness a top priority in leadership and team-building initiatives. For example, having on-site weekly yoga classes or after-work group runs will allow your employees to bond together while developing healthy habits. Encouraging your employees to set health and wellness goals will also inspire teamwork and some friendly competition.

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